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L I V E - S T R E A M

Welcome to our live-stream Masses. Our way of attending church might have changed, but the fact that we are church does not. We will update the latest live-stream as quickly as possible, especially for Sunday Masses. Don't see the latest one even though you know Mass is going on? Try refreshing your browser. Still doesn't work? Click on the link for our Facebook page. A Facebook account is not needed.

LIVE-STREAM SCHEDULE: Monday-Friday: 6:30am, Saturday: 8:00am, Sunday: 6:30am, 8:00am, 9:30am (Spanish), 11:00am.

OUTDOOR IN-PERSON SCHEDULE: Monday-Friday: 6:30am, Saturday 8:00am, 4:30pm, Sunday: 6:30am, 8:00am, 9:30am (Spanish), 11:00am. Please bring your own chair and shade. Some canopies are provided.

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